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Create a Warm and Inviting Guest Room

Now is the time of year when we enjoy visits from friends and family. We all want to make their stay as enjoyable as possible, so when arranging the guest room, think about your experience in your favourite B&B or 5-star hotel. Take your cue from the special touches that made your stay so memorable.

You may not have the budget to create a getaway oasis, but with a few simple tips you can offer a comfortable, quiet place to relax.

Less Is More

Resist the temptation to let your guest room become a catch-all place, with all the stuff you don’t know where else to put ending up there. An uncluttered room will make your guests feel more comfortable and welcomed, rather than an inconvenience.

Add A Seat

Mattresses last longer if they are used for sleeping and not sitting (manufacturers call this ‘abuse’). Offer a chair or bench for sitting perhaps with a small table and lamp beside it.

Don't Forget The Walls

Add art. This will infuse personality and colour into the room and can be your colour inspiration! Mirrors, especially a dressing mirror, will be a much appreciated addition for guests, and also make the room seem larger. Art does not have to be expensive, but don’t leave the walls bare!

Make Them Comfortable

Don’t put your sad, lumpy old mattress in there – get a new one. It can be just a decent quality one, and mattress toppers are available for that extra layer of comfort - or use an air mattress. They are quite comfortable, especially for short or occasional visits.

Upgrade The Bedding

Beyond clean and fresh smelling bedding, think about adding wonderful bed linens. A friend told me her guests always comment on how much they enjoyed and appreciated her fine bed linens – it makes them feel special. You know you can always find luxurious Bamboo sheets and bedding at Royal Palm Interiors! Use good pillows, not the big-box store variety, and supply an extra blanket.

Suitcase Stand

Suitcases can dirty the bed covers and I would never suggest leaving them on the floor to store, pack or unpack. Guests want to take back souvenirs – but not with legs! Make a place to set and unpack a suitcase. It can be a bench, small table or luggage rack.

Space For Guest Clothes

Make some space available for hanging clothes and also some shelf and/or drawer space. Don’t make guests live out of their suitcase. Provide plenty of hangers and hooks. Wall hooks and even inexpensive over-the-door hooks are all very useful.


Good lighting makes a room. Give guests light to see by, light to read by, and a convenient bedside light. Make sure they all work and don’t forget to check the fan.


You live here, you may know that no one can see into the window, but your guests have come from a different environment that is more conscious of privacy and personal space. Choose a window covering that will provide privacy and some light control as well as adding to the décor of the room. Also, don’t expect them to spend every waking hour with you. It is their vacation – encourage them to go off and explore sometimes. You will both benefit from the breaks.

Add The Finishing Touches

Just before your guests arrive, review your checklist:

-an extra set of sheets and towels (some guests love to help by changing the bed for you when they leave – gotta love that!)

-extra pillows with varying firmness

-pretty candles and some matches

-a pen and some paper or a small notepad.

-a local map and the current Dominical Days, for information on local restaurants and activities

-a clock, with an alarm if they are true tourists with tour schedules.

-bottled water and a few pre-packaged snacks

-and fill a vase with some beautiful tropical flowers or greenery.

Paying attention to these small details will mean so much to your guests and let them know you truly welcome them into your home.

Until next time…


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